We move to another location. The website, communications and entry of new orders continues unchanged. But manufacturing will stop for a period of 2 weeks by moving and reinstalling the workshop and machinery. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our specialty are details for professional or semi-professional modelers. Many of them are prepared to add additional pipe or cable scratch by the modeler to achieve the most realistic finish possible. Before buying, please read the CONDITIONS section to understand the style of modeling we do.
Before buying any part, read in the description if it requires ADDITIONAL SCRATCH. Where you will be informed if is a finished part ready to paint and assemble, or also requires other finishes on behalf the modeler. In no case these parts are recommended for users under 18.
All our parts are printed on top quality SLA 3D printers only after request. We therefore set a reasonable period of one week for preparation and manufacture before shipment. Consult the conditions in the SHIPPING section to know the wait time for the delivery.

New Products For July

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